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Translater’s Note:
This interview was featured in a special article about celebrities’ habits with music, with the following question:
"Do you have any particular music you like to listen to, in which place?"

Masanobu Ando, who had just finished the shooting of Smuggler, answered Radioahead’s Kid A, at Yakushima Island - an island in the southwest of Japan, famous for its well-preserved, rare, beautiful, and natural environment, complete with a forest over 7,000 years old.

"I purify my feelings by leaving my body to nature and music. I really need to listen to music at least half of the day, and when I’m on a set, I always spend my pauses by listening to music, while burning some incense I like," says Ando, who plays the standoffish hitman Sebone in Smuggler: Carry Your Own Future, currently in theaters.

"Music gives me an image of the character, and helps me to control my feelings. To me, Sebone is a guy who considers life as a phantasmagoria, as if he was looking through a kaleidoscope. For this reason, the song Montage by Massive Attack fits the character exactly and during the shooting I was listening to it a lot. I was also listening to Portishead at that time, especially the album Dummy. When I’m playing such a heavy role, I need to concentrate a lot. So I listen to music and immerse myself in my own imaginary world.”

For this interview, Ando wanted to have a last photoshoot as Sebone, with Araki Nobuyoshi. He wore the same red earrings as he was wearing during filming, chose a red sweatshirt, and told us that during the shooting, he had the songs Montage and Dummy stuck in his head.

- Pen interview, December 2011, translated by ando-and-kittens



Ando is renowned for his ability to enter very deeply into his characters.

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Javert Files: Toulon et Tu

Faulty french notwithstanding. 

The color of the world
Is changing
Day by day… 
Red - the blood of angry men! 
Black - the dark of ages past! 
Red - a world about to dawn! 
Black - the night that ends at last! 


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